Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 28.4.08, Morning

Tzvia S., Rachel A. (reporting)

Translator: Charles K.

Nothing unusual occurred during the shift.

Zeita 6:50 -
We decided to stop at the permanent CP set up at the exit from the main road to Zeita. 
A few men were standing there, and we asked them about the gate that was closed, and whether there were other exits from the village.  They were waiting for an employer who came to pick them up, and told us that the village has an exit to the northeast, in the direction of Huwwara, and that the gate has been closed for a very long time.  (Someone said for two years, and someone else said seven months).  Since we've been coming to Huwwara, a few months now, the gate has always been closed.

Za'tara 7:00 -
Reservists on duty.  Everything is done quietly.  A heavy suitcase is taken off the roof of a car to be checked.  The examination is usually superficial and quick.  No bus passed through while we were there.  We were treated neither well nor badly.

Beit Furik 7:30 - 
Pedestrians pass through without unnecessary delays.  Automobiles, as usual, one by one, in order.

Huwwara 8:00 -
As usual.  The area is full of activity.  The usual line of people at the CP.  According to our measurements, it takes a quarter of an hour, on average, to get through. The soldiers were quiet.  We stood near the female soldier who was checking, and weren't asked to move back to the white line.  Everyone was allowed through during the time we were there.  No one was detained.

The man on the traffic island who sells plants told us that yesterday the Border Police sort of raided the CP, and there was a lot of confusion that lasted until they left.  And then everything continued as it had before they came.  They came, they struck, then they left.

We left at about 10.