Hamra, Tayasir, Tue 20.5.08, Morning

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Anina, Yehudit
07:30 Hamra Checkpoint
"Today is a good day," say a few people, who are waiting for a taxi after crossing the checkpoint on foot. Perhaps 20 men, women and children are waiting for cars that still have to pass. On the opposite side, seven cars are waiting patiently for all the vehicles from the other side to go through. By 07:55 all have passed. The checkpoint is manned by reservists and they deal with everybody quickly.
A lot of people are crossing today, most of them greet us with "shalom."
"The soldiers are nice today," say some youngsters who pass together.

08:50 Tayasir Checkpoint
Here too are reservists, who run towards us. One of them has never heard of us, and the other explains to him that he knows us all too well. He was a paratrooper in the regular army, at Hawarra Checkpoint, and has met there women who were always against the Jews and in favour of the Arabs. "Even if they blow us up, you'd be against us." We try to talk with them, but they are not willing to listen and go back to their posts.
Cars passing to Tayasir are processed quickly, almost without a check.
Those coming from Tayasir or Tubas are inspected more thoroughly, including engine compartment, boot and documents.
Tomorrow regular soldiers come back, and the reservists are demobilised.