'Anata, Ar-Ram, Qalandiya, Mon 2.6.08, Morning

Ruthie R. Ronni P.,Natanya G.(translating)

6.45 Anata. As usual the children
and the cars mix together on the road in the morning. The hooting never ends as
the drivers pass through the checkpoint. Everything seems to be "as usual".
Some of the private guards look at us. They express their opinion of us and only
the "shits", the Palestinians with vulgarity and boastfulness. If it happens
again we will make a complaint.

7.30 A-Ram. The traffic is flowing
and the woman soldier greets those passing with a good morning and a smile. It
seems that all here know one another. We walked along the wall to the locked
grey gate.

On our way back we saw that a new
clinic of the "Clalit" has been open in the name of "Tayush." Everything is new
and there are two secretaries and an x-ray technician. There were still no
patients. We drove around to see around the industrial area of Atarot. We went
along the separation wall until we got to the end of the

8.30 Qalandiya. The shed was empty
of people and there were also none in the line and only a few in the lanes for
the turnstiles. We have never seen the place like this before and after half an
hour when nothing had changed we