'Azzun 'Atma, Sun 25.5.08, Morning

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Hagar L. Noah P. Natanya translating.

The checkpoint is working and  a driver says it opened at 4.30 and not
at 5.00. The driver says that it is thanks to us. The truth is we got
there half an hour after it had opened.

5.15 A
young boy is returned to the village as he does not have an ID yet and
is told to bring his father. But his father is still sleeping. Yarden
the commander allows him to pass. Besides him are a few people who pass
without unnecessary delays.

25 people in line and more coming. The reason is a boy who has a
problem with his ID. Someone already passed that morning with his ID
and there is a fear that there has been a forgery. The commander
Y(arden)  calls him and allows him to pass.

5.33 35 people in line. Yarden opens another side line and in a few minutes the line is cleared.

5.50 Again 25 people and again another line is open and soon there is no pressure.

We leave at 6.00