Reihan, Shaked, Sat 31.5.08, Afternoon

Shula N, Noa L. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

Shaked CP  1345 - 1415
Thin but steady traffic in both directions -- pedestrians and cars. The passage of all of them is quick and with no delays.
A bridegroom and those accompanying him transport a wedding dress and a well-packed suit without any damage. The wedding is today and we congratulate them.
The commander of the  brigade stationed in the sector and the operations officer from the DCO approach us who are observing the area on this hot Sabbath noon. They talk to us a bit and remind us that with every problem we are invited to contact them; they are also the authority in charge of the civilian company that operates the Reihan CP.

Reihan CP  1425 - 1515
At this time there is very thin traffic, but there is a steady flow in both directions, pedestrians and cars, getting heavier as time goes on. The exit to the West Bank is without any delays and quick, but a group of waiters that want to get to the wedding mentioned above have been waiting for a relatively long time in order to enter the seamline zone. The cars are examined as usual in groups of four, with every group taking about 20 minutes (our estimate) and the general wait time depends on the length of the queue.
We met a person who told us that his mother was attacked (according to him) yesterday at the CP by a woman soldier, and she was sent to the emergency room at Rambam. We saw the letter from the ER, which says that she suffered from external injuries and that she has to rest for a week. The son was on his way to meet the head of the CP, Sharon, and did not want our help. We do not know what happened there yesterday, but at least we saw that the woman was given medical treatment and her son was going to ask for clarification at the CP as something that could be taken for granted. It is a pity that we did not know about this before our meeting with the commander at Shaked.