Reihan, Shaked, Tue 27.5.08, Morning

Tami Sh., Hassida S. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.
Reihan CP  05:35
We came early in order to understand the morning rush. The yellow gate was opened in our honor, and the entrance gate to the terminal was opened a few minutes later. A large block of people were waiting (we estimated that there were about 150) and crowding at the entrance. The women waited calmly, impressively quietly, at the side.
At this point, we separated: Tami stayed near the gate and I went up to the upper entrance of the sleeveinfo-icon to observe those coming out after inspection. The first eight left at 05:45. Groups of men alternated with groups of women. Tami took note of one woman who was among the last to enter the terminal (about 30 men still had not entered), and that woman came out with a few other women at 06:20.
A few men mentioned that they had waited outside from 2 a.m. or even from midnight. Either they were exaggerating, or they are highly pressured to enter immediately with the opening of the gate; because there is a big difference between the time it takes for the first to leave and the time it takes those who enter last -- as much as a whole hour.
Of course it would be better if they opened the gate at five, but it is reasonable to think that even then there would be those who would wait for a long time before the opening and those who would take longer to go through.
Many complain about the fact that agricultural permits that are no longer valid are not being renewed, and Tami confirms that lately there have been very few permits. People who submit requests simply do not get any response. A few said that the permits are at the DCO, but there they refuse to distribute them.
Pickup trucks: When we arrived there were ten pickup trucks loaded with goods. When the inspection started, at seven, five of them entered the compound, and five remained in the parking lot. The inspection took about an hour and a half.

Shaked CP  07:15
On our way we saw the old man and the donkey, who had already gone a long way. The first herd was already grazing outside the fence, and the second was already in stages of passage toward the isolated house. Some of the pupils have already gone through and there was a flow of vehicles and pedestrians from both sides. Some were inspected near the vehicles, some entered the inspection facility. Everybody knows where she is supposed to go.
The inspections were conducted quietly and quickly.