Beit Furik, Huwwara, Wed 21.5.08, Afternoon

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Sharon L., Racheli B"A (reporting)

Translator: Charles K.

14:20 - Huwwara

Only a few people at the checkpoint - 2 security positions open.  The students are on vacation.  The machine that scans baggage is operatingOne detainee - a taxi driver who refused to move his taxi from a distant location on the northern side of the checkpoint.  He's been detained for 15 minutes.  His friends were asked to move the taxi.

The checkpoint commander, 2nd Lt. N., is the one who shot the youth with the cellular phone the day before yesterday.  (The army also knows that the boy wasn't carrying an explosive device: the family's house wasn't destroyed, a punishment immediately imposed on families of people carrying out attacks). 
The DCO representative, T., promises that the detained taxi driver will be released at 16:00 (he was released at 15:30).

15:50  A student is put in solitary confinement.  He parked his car in a manner that interferes with the soldiers.  The checkpoint commander says that he can keep him there for three hours.  He could be released earlier.

16:20 - Beit Furik checkpoint

As soon as we arrive, R., the checkpoint commander, starts carrying out his most important national mission - moving us behind the white line.

Little traffic.  Five cars waiting from the direction of Nablus, one truck waiting to enter. 
Few pedestrians in both directions - they pass through quickly.

16:45 - Huwwara

We returned from Beit Furik.  An additional detainee in solitary confinement, for a total of two.  They don't know why they were detained.  The second is released five minutes later.  The student is still locked up.  The commander, who killed the youth the day before yesterday, motions to him with his hands that he'll be released at 17:30.