Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 25.5.08, Morning

Elena L., Paula R. (reporting)

6:30  - 10:00


Sansana-Meitar CP

On our arrival at 06:40, some 200 people waited on the Palestinian side outside and in the “sleeveinfo-icon”. The line did not move forward. One man did return. Too late. He has missed his working day. People were angry. Shlomi, the manager of the CP told Elena that 800 people had already passed and that the pace is satisfactory. It did not satisfy the workers hurrying to their work and fearing losing their livelihood. Things can be different. On Sundays when family members of prisoners pass the CP, the pace of inspection of the workers is quick. Then, for instance, a worker, who has already passed through the machine his nylon bag with his working clothes, is not ordered to open it again on display. Old people, who should have already been retired and on pension, have to go each day twice through this excruciating process. They ask us why they have to go through the biometric inspection on their way back too, having to wait sometimes for hours at the CP, a question we ask too. 

The road to Hebron - Route 60

The years long roadblock between Yatta and Hebron at the Sheep Crossing is open. Instead, a new pillbox has been erected. Also, more military jeeps were patrolling. One unit released a Palestinian jeep as soon as we stopped. “They should not hold their heads too high” explained the reserve soldier, as another soldier pointed fiercely his weapon in the direction of the hills.

All the other dirt mounds fortified with concrete blocks were not removed.



No detaineesinfo-icon. No music from Gutnik Center around nine o’clock. The stores were closed.

Even the grocery near the Zif junction was closed (to my disappointment).