'Anabta, Qalqiliya, Wed 21.5.08, Morning

Netta A. Inbal R. Natanya translating.

Summary. At Anabta a soldier is run over and slightly hurt. He is taken to hospital. This causes long lines at the checkpoint.

6.50 Taayniem checkpoint …Some 10s of workers waiting to go to work at Alfei Menashe.

6.55 Qaqiliya. No lines and the checking is swift in both directions.

At Anabta there is a line of 50 cars waiting to enter Tulkarm and from
the opposite direction fewer cars. The commander says that this morning
one of the soldier stopped a car which he thought had been stolen and
the soldier had been run over by the driver who was trying to get
into Tulkarm. The soldiers shot at him but he got away in the direction
of the city. The soldier was taken to hospital and according to the
internet was not badly hurt.

We think that this time the description of the incident sounds valid
because in Tulkarm there are butchery shops for cars and therefore it
is possible that the driver was an Israeli Arab. Hard to distinguish the
security element from the criminal.

asks to state that the soldiers were hostile to us. I, Inbal, agree but
we also were to blame. Already from far one could see that something
unusual was happening at the checkpoint. Instead of getting information
from the taxi drivers we went straight into the checkpoint and met the
soldiers without having the slightest idea why they were so upset.