Reihan, Shaked, Sun 18.5.08, Morning

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Chana H, Ruti T (reporting)
05:55 - 08:45

05:55 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint

Upper parking lot (on the Seam Zone side): twenty people have already come out of the terminal in the direction of the Seam Zone. The checkpoint opened at 05:30, but most say that they have been waiting since 03:00 in order to be early in getting a number in line. A single man arriving from the Seam Zone, and hurrying to work in school, has to wait while ten men are processed from the other side, because only one checking station is working at the end of the lane for the few people entering the West Bank, and the many coming out. Somebody voices the complaint: "Each day is worse..." We time entry and exit of one person: he went into the installation at 06:15 and comes out at 06:45.
06:35 � the lower parking lot (on the West Bank side), 13 loaded pick ups waiting to be inspected. The lower gate is presently empty. Somebody arrives � and goes straight in.

07:15 Shaked Checkpoint

The gate is open. Some 20 people, three vehicles, and two flocks of sheep waiting on the other side to cross to the Seam Zone. Passage from the turnstile to the exit takes five minutes per person. The schoolchildren arriving from the direction of the Seam Zone pass without a check. The students also pass immediately, but wait for their taxi which is still delayed at the gate. The taxi comes after seven minutes.

07:40 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint

Few pass from Bartaa to the West Bank. The lower gate is also empty. Seems that many people thought the closureinfo-icon was not yet cancelled. Nine pick up trucks with produce are waiting in the lower lot. At 07:42 eight men arrive from the direction of the West Bank. The first of them comes out of the terminal after five minutes. A time span that is particularly worth noting. Three vehicles being inspected. They exit at 08:05, in other words after at least 25 minutes. Five vehicles waiting on the road to be checked. The next quartet goes in for inspection at 08:08 and comes out at 08:24. Four pick up trucks that entered at 07:00 come out at 908:20. A tender carrying sheep goes through with the passenger cars (not the produce trucks). At 08:30, six pick up trucks and five passenger cars are waiting.
08:45 � we leave.