'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), יום ב' 19.5.08, אחה"צ

Bilha A., Yona A., (reporter) Translator: Orna B.
TulKarm Checkpoints
Jubara, A-ras, Anabta, Monday 19.5.08 pm
Observers: Bilhah A. Yonah A. (reporter)
Translator: Orna B.
Jubara, A-ras
13:50  We reached a locked gate. Bilhah
approached the roadblock and asked the soldiers to open the gate for
us. One of the soldiers took a key and the gate opened with no delays.
On the way back we had to hoot several times in front of the locked
gate, trying to make eye contact with the soldiers so that they open
the gate for us. 5 minutes later one of the soldiers noticed us and
came over.
14:00 We went through gate 753. At A-ras
checkpoint 4 male and one female soldiers stand at the check post. Few
vehicles come from the direction of Tulkarm. A concrete road block at
about 30 meters from the checkpoint marks the place where vehicles have
to stop until a soldier waives to the next car to advance. Each car is
thoroughly inspected. ID cards are collected and checked at the check
post. The soldiers open car doors and car boots. Young passengers are
asked for their copybooks and books and a soldier looks through them
and gives thenm back to the youths.
14:20 On our way back, at the Children's Gate
(753) a soldier signals to us to stop and asks us to open our car
boot. After a short inspection he lets us through. I asked him if he
was looking for Palestinians in car boot. He answered seriously :
"Don't laugh, it happened that women, not from your organisation, from
another organisation... smuggled illegals and I cannot allow this."
14:40 Anabta
Vehicles are travelling without delays in both directions. The coffee vendor has no work.