Reihan, Shaked, Sun 11.5.08, Morning

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Yocheved J. and Hannah H. (reporting)

 Translation: Devorah K.

05:55 - 08:35

Reihan CP    05:55 - 06:50
The CP opened at 05:30 and the first of those going through (mostly workers) are now leaving. One of the men tells us that the people emerging from inspection by the new x-ray machine are sent for an additional inspection in the side rooms, and some of them (he estimates about ten percent) are sent back to the machine. All the women tell us that they feel very uncomfortable with the machine; they are especially worried about radiation.
The tempo of those leaving the CP is not uniform; sometimes it is fast, 20 people in five minutes, and sometimes slow, six people in five minutes. Only one window is manned at the exit from the terminal.
On the upper parking lot, groups of workers are waiting, along with their employers, for the one or two workers who have not yet come out of the terminal. And of course all of them get to work late. B. tells us that last week's closureinfo-icon imposed on the workers of Shahak, was lifted yesterday, but there is a rumor that throughout all of next week there will be an additional closure (because of the presidents' visit?). Very few people are going through from the seamline zone to the West Bank. If several people come at the same time -- the workers' exit from the terminal to the seamline zone is halted.

In the vehicle CP: They allow the passage of a person who is ill, directly from a Palestinian car to an Israeli one that takes him away for treatment.

Shaked CP -- 7:05
The CP is closed. Workers, children and cars are waiting on both sides, and children from the Isolated House are sitting inside the CP. We called the DCO and we were told that they were dealing with the delay but did not know what was happening. The army notified them: "We will get back to you." We also called the Menasheh Brigade and told them that the CP was locked. The waiting people told us that yesterday the CP was opened only at 08:30.
At 07:15 the commandcar that checks the system road arrives, and the soldiers open the gate on the West Bank side only. The people cannot go through to the seamline zone.
At 07:30 the soldiers who are posted to the CP arrive on foot. In front of the CP, on the side of the seamline zone, most of the pupils, four passenger cars with teachers, and two taxis with students are all waiting. As soon as they open the gate, and even before, they have organized the inspection room, all of them crowd into the CP compound. For the time being people are not allowed to enter from the West Bank side . That begins only at 07:40, after the inspection rooms have been readied. It takes three minutes to go through. Those going through insist that their names be listed despite the late opening; they do not want problems when they return.

Reihan CP - 08:00
Nine pickup trucks with goods are waiting. Five pickup trucks enter for inspection at 07:00 but they had not emerged at 08:35 when we left.  The passenger cars are inspected as usual; it takes twenty minutes for four cars, which are inspected at the same time. There is still only a small number of people going through from Barta'a in the direction of the West Bank.