Reihan, Shaked, Tue 13.5.08, Morning

Tami Sh., and Hasida Sh. (reporting)
Shaked checkpoint 07:25The gatesinfo-icon are open and the crossing is steady. Students and pupils cross without stopping. Vehicles going to the West Bank are checked and sent on. People crossing into the seam zone go via the x-ray room (where, we are told, those going in the opposite direction are signed out) and emerge within two minutes. The soldiers from the squad commander training course are kind and civil and the only complaint is the perennial one concerning occasional failure to register the return of people crossing the checkpoint, which results in loss of passage permits, which are then hard to replace.

Reihan checkpoint 08:15
Pedestrians are few at this time of day and passage through the terminal seems to be steady.Vehicles heading to the West Bank are stopped at the vehicle checkpoint and their passengers checked beside the cars. The whole process is quick and steady.The lower parking is full of vehicles carrying agricultural produce. At 08:35 the first five lorries are still being checked. Some of them had spent the night in the parking lot. The checking begins at 07:00 and ends at 17:00-17:30. The time does not suffice to check all the vehicles and some are forced to wait for next morning.100 used to be the number of egg trays allowed at each crossing. Then it was halved and has now reduced to 35. On the other hand, no limit has been set on the number of oil cans allowed per crossing.Private cars crossing to the seam zone are checked four at a time, at great length and most thoroughly. We counted five-six cars waiting their turn.