'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), יום ב' 12.5.08, אחה"צ

Elisheva E., Bilha A. Tamara H (reporting) Translation: Galia S.

The driver: Hamdan, Nadim's son

We leave Kefar Sava at 13:30 and get to Jubara. We get the key from the staff sergeant who accompanies Bil'ha and asks us to give him a call when we come back so he can give us the key again as the gate has to be opened and closed many times.


13:40 – The checkpoint is completely empty. Taxis that arrive pass without delays. I.D. cards that are taken for inspection are returned within 5 minutes.

The following quotation is a piece of writing I saw on a board inside the sentry's post at this checkpoint, "What keeps me going is the feeling that by being here, I serve my country". The writing is dated July 10 – that is to say, not a green recruit.

At 14:20 we leave for Jubara, where we have to wait until the shifts have been replaced. Eventually "our" staff sergeant comes and opens the gate for us.


14:45 – A totally desolate checkpoint. The coffee seller for whom we have brought food and clothing is not here today. Cars pass quickly without delaying. In the direction of Tulkarm-Jenin a line of 5-6 trucks drags along but quickly vanishes.

Realizing that we have nothing to do, we leave at 14:55.