'Anata, Thu 17.4.08, Morning

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Mili M., Chana S. (reporting)



6:30 a.m. Anata


The traffic seemed even heavier than the usual Thursday morning crush.  Crowds of children were already waiting for school buses.  As usual, a third ‘unofficial’ lane of cars formed. 

Soon after we arrived a physical fight broke out between two drivers (and their passengers) because one had tried to merge into line before the machsom and, we think, even damaged the other car.  Two border policemen rushed to the scene and separated the groups.  During the commotion three women tried to use the opportunity to slip through unobserved but one of the policemen saw them and sent them back.

The steep road coming up from the side was sealed off with a roll of barbed wire.  One car was allowed through but then two others were sent back and had to reverse down the hill.