'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Qalqiliya, Mon 5.5.08, Morning

Roni S., Frances T. reporting

06.30 Eliyahu transit point
There are about 12 cars and approx. 50 Palestinians in line waiting to go through into Israel.


06.40  There are no lines on entry and about 8 vehicles exiting.  Random checks and no apparent holdups.  The soldiers manning the checkpost are friendly.
06.50 Izbet Tabib.  We see cars and a bus exiting by the garage.  We do not check to see if the roadblock had been removed.
07.00 Azzun.
 The exit is still blocked.  No army presence visible but quite a few Palestinians waiting around.

On the way to Jit and at various other places we see signs "Jewish Atzmaut at Homesh".

10.00 Anabta
There are no cars in line but 3 surveyors are taking measurements accompanied by soldiers.  It seems they are going to "widen the road" on account of the field at the side which is full of thorns (hopefully not at the expense of the olive grove at the other side).  There are random checks but no lines and we leave about 15 minutes later with 10 vehicles waiting but being cleared rapidly.

10.30  Ar Ras – Shaar Haprachim
At first the soldiers refuse us entry but after a check with base, let us go through.  A bus stands by the checkpost, apparently transportation for 2 girl soldiers (a whole bus ???)
We offer a lift to an elderly Palestinian walking with a stick and toting heavy bags.  The soldiers refused to let the taxi he was riding in continue to Shaar Ha prachim and insisted that he get out.