'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 1.5.08, Morning

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Raya and Sima (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.
06:15 A'anin CP
About 50 people and three tractors are waiting to go through from he village of A'anin on the West Bank to the seamline zone. Three soldiers - armed but not with rifles drawn, thank God, are inspecting the documents and the possessions of the people who want to go through. Five young fellows who arrive say that today everything is ok, and that they opened the gate of the CP on time.
The soldiers are standing near the gate and at 06:30 they close the upper gate and let the people who are in the middle go through relatively quickly. One of those who is going through mentions that today is the First of May, a holiday for workers all over the world, and that is why the children have a day off. We respond with a 'happy holiday' and go on to the Shaked (Tura) CP.

Shaked - Tura CP  07:05
On both sides of the CP people are waiting to go through. Some of them are in cars. Three soldiers do the inspection slowly. One of them has his rifle drawn; he targets the people and stands safely in the concrete hut. A man who goes through from Tura to the seamline zone tells us that his wife's mother, who lives in Dar-el-Malik, is ill and cannot function or walk by herself. And his wife cannot get a permit to visit her. That means there is nobody to help her, because the rest of her children, who live near her, are all men, and his wife is the only one who can help her wash. He asks us to help him. We take down their ID numbers, and Raya will try to appeal to the DCO for him, and with God's help they will get a permit.

07:45 Reihan -Barta'a CP
The worldwide holiday of the workers is celebrated this year together with the Memorial Day for the Shoah and Heroism. So there is no passage for workers from the West Bank to the seamline zone and people with work permits are sent back home. A few arrive from the other direction to pay some family visits.
Five pickup trucks with vegetables, eggs, and sheep are waiting to go through, and in the end do indeed go through.