Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Mon 17.3.08, Morning

Hagit S. and Raya Y. (reporting)

The CP is empty.

Road 35
Humanitarian CP
: BP soldiers in a Jeep stop a Transit full of 'Nana' bags, on their way from Hebron to Beth Lechem. They are checked and released a few minutes later in good feelings.
Our ID's are checked as well. The soldiers are not familiar with 'Machsom Watch'. In a friendly chat they agree that they should treat people respectfully. Until arrival to Hebron, the road is empty of cars or people.

The town looks deserted, like a ghost town. We are shocked at each visit.
Pharmacy CP – empty.
Tarpat CP – Quiet. Every now and than we see someone passing towards the market.
Tel Rumeida – Calm and quiet. 'Nahal' soldiers ask us about our activities and get an explanation paper.
Machpela cave – BP soldiers stop young people and check them, including shirts-up check. After about 10 min they release the retained youngsters.

Shopkeepers complain about loud music noise coming from a house in front- "Gutnik Center Hebron". The BP officer listens to the complain and answers: they should complain to the Police.

We had a chat with shopkeepers, drank tea, and agreed that life here could be better and different.