'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 24.4.08, Morning

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W., a guest, Sima S., Raya, Ts. (reporting)

Translation: Devorah K.

06:00 - 09:30

A'anin CP 06:00
Today there are not many people waiting and still the passage is slow. Somebody says that recently expired permits are not being extended and that is why the number of people waiting is smaller. We timed one person's passage at about seven minutes, and three minutes for another. No matter -- the passage is slow.

Shaked CP 07:00
There is a lot of traffic. The children go through without a queue. A man with a donkey and a cart wants to transport a stove to Ya'abed to be repaired. He tells us that this is the second time that he is trying to get the stove through but he does not succeed. He claims that if he takes the stove via the Reihan CP, as he was instructed to do, the cost of the trip will be too high for him. We tried to help him and to intervene for him, but even though at first we were promised that he would be let through, in the end they did not let him go through with the stove. Why? Apparently the stove is a threat to state security.

8:30 Reihan CP
Traffic to the seamline zone is conducted as usual, despite the closureinfo-icon. About ten vehicles loaded with vegetables and sheep are waiting to go through.

We asked about the conditions for passage through the terminal with the new inspection machine. Opinions were divided - some were in favor and some complained.
On the way back we were delayed near the gate. The reason, apparently, was our guest, W. whose nationality and address, as written in the ID card (Kfar Kara), are 'suspicious'. Everybody was very courteous and the real reason was covered up by various excuses. On the way to the parking lot, they let us through without any problems, but as we were leaving, suspicions were aroused. After a few phone calls, questions, and apologies - we finally left with no interference, at 9:30.