Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 9.4.08, Morning

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Drora P and Ora A (reporting) Driving and assisting: Yoska M.

Bethlehem CP, El Nashnash, Nabi Unis, Ezyon


6:30-Bethlehem CP 

Five posts were open. The lines were in order. No yelling was heard and the security men weren't there (could it be that our complains had their effect?) Women passed without waiting in line. An elder man told us that many people were still waiting on the Bethlehem side. He suggested that they open the gate one hour earlier, at four in stead of five, so that it won't get so crowded.  

7:15 El Nashnash

No  one came to us.  

7:45 Nabi Unis

People came to us with the usual problems. Most of them were refused passage by the GSS. 

8:30 Ezyon DCL

A woman came out of the DCL and approached us. She showed us a letter from Sa'ari Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem, with a request to grant her a permit to escort her young son to the hospital. She said that over at the DCO they wouldn't give her the permit. They told her that her document were forged and wrote on one of them that her request was denied since she wasn't "the immediate family of the boy". The mother isn't the immediate family of her own son!   We called the health coordinator at the humanitarian center, she checked her computer and said that according to it everything was prepared for her passage on the next day. We asked her to call the DCL and take care of it. He agreed, after a couple of minutes she called us and said she spoke to them and that everything was arranged. The woman entered and came out despaired. Once again they wouldn't hand her the permit. They said her permit was at the DCL at Bethlehem and that she has to go over there to take it. We helped her get there. After a couple of hours she called us to say she received her permit.