'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 28.4.08, Morning

Hannah H. and Yocheved G.
Translation: Devorah K.

 A'anin CP
About fifty people are waiting. No one is allowed to cross the line until 06:00. Anyone who does is turned back.
The first person to cross the line has arrived at 03:30 in the morning in order to go through early, and now the people are going through one by one despite the fact that there are four soldiers in the CP, and they could speed up the pace. The people are allowed to go through according to a list the soldiers hold. Three tractors and two donkeys also go through.
An older woman asks us to drive her at least as far as Mei-Ami. She needs to get to Umm-el-Fahm to visit her son. Even though he lives very close to A'anin, she has to go the long way around, via the CP. We leave her with the hope that the occupation will soon end and the CPs will be closed down, and she will be able to visit her son without any problems.

06:40 Reihan CP
The CP opened on time, but there is a lot of anger; the complaints are familiar:
"We have been waiting since 4:30, we thought that after they put in the new machine it would be easier, as in Taibe; why is it taking so long?  After the machine inspection, why do they open only one window? Why do they detain us inside the machine? Inspection in the rooms was better. How do they act toward us, aren't we human beings? The workers here are constantly changing. That is why everything goes so slowly." The women also come out complaining.

In a conversation with Sharon, the person in charge of the CP, he claims that it is possible to let 250 people through in an hour. On that day 290 people went through between 05:30 and 7:30 in the morning. Maybe the delays are caused by the closureinfo-icon (during the holidays), or because the CP workers lack experience.

07:20 - the first pickup trucks that entered the inspection compound are still there. Outside two pickup trucks with sheep and one with eggs are being inspected. The inspection takes about half an hour. We left while the four pickup trucks were still waiting for inspection.

08:20 Shaked CP
The gate is open but there is no traffic.