'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Mon 28.4.08, Morning

Natanya G., Maya B.(reporting)


6:30    We drive down to Anatta-  as always  the place is packed , only this time there are many more buses for children.  The parking lot is  crowded  and  the  machsom  moves fast.  We look around,  talk to some people including Gamal  from the  local  citizens councel,  but even he has nothing special to report.

 Wadi Nar

A lot of taxis  are being held up.  It takes quit a while to  for them  to get their I.D. cards checked and returned.  There are three girl soldiers there with  sniffing dogs,  whom they let into some of the yellow   minibuses to sniff around.  We wonder whether they have some supicion   or are just practicing with the dogs.


The Atmosphere is  a bit tense,  but in the end  after a considerable wait of up to an hour and a few  detainies  who are ultimatly let go,  back  to their  village,  all are gone,  and so are we.