'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 16.4.08, Afternoon

Sarah P. Tammie C,Micky B, a guest of Sarah's, Natanya translating

 Micky B. is a new member  of MachsomWatch with an impressive family connection

Our driver was Nadim's son who took his place very well.


We made a trip around the checkpoint of Qalqiliya where the parking lot
was very full and the traffic streamed. We then stopped next to the
main entrance so as to show our guests how the entrance to a village is
blocked with all the exisiting measures. By the way it seemed to me
that there was more barbed wire which is not legal according to
international law. We went by Ami Shvut…the evacuated?  The entrance to
Jit was open and also the checkpoint there.

16.30 Anabta where the shift was changing and no line and the traffic flowed.

spoke to the commander, sergeant R, and asked him why he makes problems
for the coffee maker. He said he had not problem so long as he stood
next to the taxis and did not go back and forth. After all we are the


After a short wait (until the commander opened the gate for us) we went
into Jubara where the view was magnificent. At the children's gate we
stopped to say that we were going on to Ar-Ras but the soldiers asked
where was Nadim's son's permit. We said we all had IDs and so did not
have a permit but this did not interest these deaf and dumb soldiers.
We went on to Ar-Ras  where the soldiers were calm and said they had
been there 16 hours. While we were there the checking was carried out
without harassment and at the entrance to Tulkarm there was no
checking. When we went through again a group of workers who were coming
home from work were standing there and a man came up to us. He said
that he did not have a permit but he had bad packpain. We asked the
soldiers to let him through without delay and they did so. Sometmes we
manage to do something which is small comfort. As we left we stopped as
the commander and key were missing. We phoned the brigade commander who
opened it.