Beit Iba, Tue 8.4.08, Afternoon

Yael S. Zahava G. Natanya translating.

15.30 Beit Iba
A taxi driver on his way to the checkpoint complained that he had waited two hours.  We saw taxis which went to the east waited for a shorter period. We could not count how many taxis there were from the east but pedestrians waited 30-35 minutes.

A truck full of porcelain went in the direction of Nablus.   We were told that about 100 trucks are "listed"  to pass through each day. The soldiers were reservists. No delays but careful checking. Passengers alight while the taxi is checked. People in the buses are checked from the inside. The humanitarian line is working.
The x-ray machine is squeaking sometimes even while the young men are stripping almost completely.  A young man is caught trying to slip through and is taken aside and warned by the commander that next time he will go to the end of the line. We must note that the regular commander would have sent him to the jorra.

Here too we found signs of the presence of the women in blue and white.