Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tue 19.2.08, Morning

Michal Z, Michal Ts (reporting)

Meitar-Sansana CP
We arrived at Sansana  checkpoint at 6:45 and the checkpoint was empty on both sides, the stormy weather kept everyone away, including the workers.

Route 60
We drove in the direction of Hebron even though it was snowing. We thought we would be able to see how life was carried on in this kind of weather. All the junctions were empty – Dura  Al Fawar, Sheep Crossing. No one was venturing out of doors. The few vehicles that we saw on the way were Army vehicles. A, our driver, did not want to drive into Hebron because of the snow. So we continued in the direction of Shiuch -  Hebron- where there was thick snow. We had turned round and were retracing our steps when the big heroes came to block our way – claiming that the snowstorm made it dangerous for us to be driving. They persuaded us to wait until the snowplough  came to clear our way back to Beer Sheba, which it did after 15 minutes. Then we were given their permission to go on our way.

We thoroughly enjoyed the European weather that we encountered. The occupation wrapped in snowy garments.