Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Mon 14.1.08, Morning

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Judy A., Ziva B.P. (reporting)

6:30 – 08:45
An uneventful watch

Metar Crossing (Sansana)

6:35 – Three groups of Palestinian workers are warming themselves around little fires on the Israeli side, waiting for their transportation. No one is on the Palestinian side.

Road 60
There is no pedestrian traffic, perhaps because it is so early. A few vehicles on the road. Road improvements continue.
Dura El Fawar – open. No soldiers, pedestrians or vehicles in sight.
Sheep Crossing – open for pedestrians, but very few passing through.

Soldiers are in all the usual places, smiling politely under their woolen hats. No one detained, no lines. Children enjoy sliding down from Tel Romeda to the Tarpat Crossing on the ice formed by last night’s cold. The foreign observers report stone throwing yesterday around the disputed house and wounded among the Palestinians.
Shuiuch – Pupils (most girls) are crossing the road as Israeli vehicles continue to pass at top speed.
Isn’t it possible to put up a traffic light or, at least, a crosswalk?