Reihan, Shaked, Wed 9.4.08, Morning

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08:00 Shaked Checkpoint

Shepherds, sheep, and pedestrians passing in both directions.

08:40 Reihan Checkpoint
Almost no traffic from the Seam Zone to the West Bank.
In the Palestinian parking lot, a ten-year-old boy is wandering around: they say he has already been here two days. According to the people here, he is from Hebron and was brought by a "begging" contractor to some junction in Wadi Ara to beg... The blue police grabbed him and dumped him at Reihan Checkpoint. People give him food. Walid took him to sleep in his courtyard. But how will he get home? The DCO wants first of all to know how he came from Hebron, and they say that it is not their business. The Humanitarian Centre didn’t answer. Later I heard that his uncle arrived in a taxi and picked him up.
This has happened before – also a child from Hebron – and at the time I'd paid one of the taxi drivers to take him home.

10:15 – I left.