Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 20.3.08, Morning

Ofra and Mira

Sansana-Meitar CP

The Passage is desolate due to the closureinfo-icon. A few sanitation workers are present. They are trying to pick all the rubbish form the parking zone on the Palestinian side of the checkpoint.

Road 60
We met Muhammad near the deserted school of Beit Amra and Mussa Abu-Hashash (from "Betzelem") in Dura.
All the road blocks are in place. It's seems that on south Sammoa a new row of concrete barrier was added. Right now there are four rows – two are closer to each other and two other more afar to the north and to the south. The one on the north looks new. Each row is compiled from about ten heavy blocks of cement.

We ask about the demolitions that were made yesterday in Yatta. Mussa don't know a lot of details but he says that it was made by massive forces of the police and the army on the ground that the property didn’t had building permits.

Mussa also tells us on an evacuation that was made in Hebron on which Issa (a "Betzelem" activist) was arrested. It appears that a Palestinian family was trying to return to her home which was deserted for some time. The house is located near the Kasba on Sahala str. The family members tried, before their entrance, to renovate the house which stood empty for a long time. The family poses, according to Mussa, a written document which proves that the house belongs to them. Many policemen and soldiers arrived to the house and demanded from the family to leave the premises, the family declined. After an argument Issa, who photographed the event and the family father, and the father himself, were arrested by the police. They were released from custody this morning. Due to lack of time we did not arrived to the house in question.
This day is pretty fine and there is pedestrian movement, on the road sides in Al-Fawar, Kilikis and Sheep Crossing.

We did not see one Palestinian vehicle on the road. After consolation with Hagit, we have decided not to enter Hebron.