Reihan, Shaked, Wed 2.4.08, Morning

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Vivian and Nava

Translation: Devorah K.

Shaked (Tura) CP 08:00
Near the gate, four adults and a child are waiting. Three of them are teachers who live in Barta'a. A bus with pupils is waiting for them on the other side of the CP, for the annual school trip to Nablus. In the coordination agreement that the school made with the DCO, somebody wrote 'women teachers' instead of 'men teachers' and that is why they are not being allowed to go through and get on the bus. The soldiers insist that every detail be exact and our attempt to expedite the matter does not succeed. After an hour, the DCO succeeds in convincing the soldiers to let them go through and the bus sets out on its way. We hope that they will not have to go through this story again when they return.

Reihan CP   09:00
Four cars are being inspected in the compound of the vehicle CP. In the parking lot, two trucks with vegetables and one with eggs are waiting.
Pedestrians go through in both directions. When we asked the drivers how long they have been waiting, some answered -- two hours! The soldier who is observing things on the other side of the gate was not happy about our asking and made vulgar signs in our direction with his hand. At the end of the shift, we went up to the Army Base to complain. The CP commander is not willing to talk to us, that is what the security person says. But after all he did come up to us and listened to the complaint. It does not seem to be making any impression on him. A group of soldiers in the Reihan CP appear to be totally against us. Are they new here?

10:14, We left.