Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ruthie T., Rachel W. ( Reporting). Marcia L., Translation

Tura-Shaked Checkpoint -  15:20

The checkpoint is usually empty at this hour. Today we met a group of workers returning from the West Bank who looked very colorful in yellow rubber boots.  They work in tobacco.  Yes, people passed on a wagon hitched to a mule.  Next to the seam line zone, one car with a family passed and the father ran back and forth to the checkpoint. 


Barta'a- Reihan Checkpoint - 15:45

Many workers return to the West Bank.  Two vehicle license inspection stations were working but very quickly one of them broke down and a long line accumulated alongside the second.   We told them about the breakdown, received a lecture about technological education in Israel, and that we lack workers who are able to take care of breakdowns like this.  At the time we left, the breakdown still wasn't fixed.  To their great luck, most of the workers didn't have to be inspected by machine on the way home. 


We met the morning attendant, A., and according to him the morning was OK.  On the previous Thursday, the first that he wasn't able to be at, it was chaotic. As yet they haven't worked out  the plan for assigning paid attendants. 


A couple with a babyinfo-icon stroller arrived, folded the stroller and somehow passed through the turnstile.  They were allowed to ask to pass through the gate on the side, but they didn't do that. The father told us, " They don't want us to pass through here !"


17:00 - We left..