Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rachel Weizmann, Ruthi Tuval (reporting). Translation: Bracha en-Avraham


15:40 – Barta'a – Reihan Checkpoint

We drove down in the direction of the checkpoint and a security guard who did not know us asked where we were going. We told him we were going to Emricha to deliver packages of clothing.  He delayed us but after some disagreement, we passed and delivered the clothing to A.'  as well as another package from Tami.  


A. gave us some gifts that needed to be checked in the vehicle inspection facility. We went down to the terminal together with workers who were returning to work. The drinking fountain had been removed but the pipes and electrical wires were left.  Lines occasionally formed next to the inspection booths but quickly disappeared.  


Another inspection window was operating on the other side of the wall.  Ayad, the volunteer who keeps order at the entrance to the terminal each morning, arrived.  He told us about the protest against the operation of the checkpoint last Sunday and the workers' refusal to cross until more inspection windows were opened in the terminal. The managers of the checkpoint thought he was the one responsible for organizing the protest.  If one of our members had not intervened, they would have confiscated his permit. They eventually apologized and at a meeting with the head of the Barta'a Regional Council it was decided to appoint five paid workers to retain order at the checkpoint.  Their salary will be paid by collecting parking fees in the Palestinian parking lot at the checkpoint.  Ayad hopes that this will be the end of his volunteer work, which took at least two hours of his time each morning. We can testify that he performed his job with charismatic authority.


17:00 – Shaked – Tura Checkpoint

There is a lot of activity at the checkpoint. Workers are returning from work on foot and in vehicles. Vehicles are crossing in both directions.  The commander of the checkpoint, a second lieutenant from the Bedouin brigade approached us.  Everyone who passed us greeted him.  We talked with him and he told us that he lives in the Galilee.  He is a commissioned officer and will be promoted in two days to the rank of lieutenant.  We took the opportunity to tell him how we felt about the checkpoints, their placement, and how they are managed.