Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Tami Hakham and Michal (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

Everything is routine.

All the blockades and checkpoints on road 60 are open

The weather is wintery and rainy and probably influences the security forces who are hardly seen all the length of the way


At Hebron which is being fortified more and more, there is a large presence of the border police and the army at each corner.


Just as in the war of attrition, so now too one can observe that there is no real plan to solve this rebellion for a long time. One only reacts to each situation – then one dug in more and more and deeper and deeper in trenches, from fear of the Egyptian snipers on the palm trees and the shellings and afterwards called this the Barlev line of strongholds…and now more and more fences are erected higher and higher, as well as more watch towers and concrete blockades because of the stones and the knives. It would be interesting to know how it will be called in the future.


At the way up to Tel Roumeida soldiers stopped us at the turn to the right and put up a blockade. You are forbidden to pass says the soldiers. When we finished the tour I asked Tamy what her impressions were. Tamy, as a fresh and new observer could have impressions which my tired and used eyes no longer notice. So she said: I saw much army and many fences and checkpoints, many watch posts and streets which were almost completely empty…


Hebron from now and to all eternity