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Norah R., Hanna P. (reporting)

07:00 – When we arrived, the gate was open, and people got out of their vehicles and entered for checking and registration – all in all 30 people, men, women and children of kindergarten age. There were two carts with donkeys, two towing tractors, three regular tractors and one truck. The truck was closed by a tarpaulin and the driver was forced to open it.

Two of the men were not allowed to cross; their authorization did not match the registration held by the soldiers. They tried to call the DCO, but that took so much time that in the meantime the gate was shut. The Palestinian spoke Arabic but he said the words "DCO" and "Falamiya gate" in Hebrew, and so we could understand what he later explained to us in English: His authorization was for the Falamiya gate (which we call Falamiya North). A distance of two to three kilometers -- what difference does it make?

Norah tried to talk with the soldiers, but they were not ready to listen and the two men lost a day's work.

We entered Azzun and saw a military vehicle with blinking blue lights on the side of the road.