Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Vera Moskowitz, Hanna Heller Translated by Chana S.


Shaked-Turah checkpoint 15.40   Pedestrians pass in both directions, most returning from work in the seam zone (industrial are Shaha”K). Vehicles also pass in both directions, cars with passengers, carts and a tractor in the direction of the W. Bank pass immediately without checking in the checking station. A truck is delayed and returned to the seam zone.  People tell us that in the morning the process at the checkpoint was “okay.”


Reihan-Barta’a checkpoint 16.15  The checkpoint is relatively quiet, with only a few people returning from work to the W.Bank.  Because of Purim, there is a closureinfo-icon today.  Indeed the checkpoint does work as usual, but we are told that only people with a permit to pass to Barta’a (in the seam zone) passed this morning.  We could not understand if workers in the industrial area Shaha”K (also in the seam zone) were also allowed to work today.  It turns out that permits to pass are colour-coded and today only those with a particular colour were permitted to pass. There were also not many trucks carrying agricultural produce from the W. Bank to shops in east Barta’a.