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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר


Eyal Checkpoint is intended for pedestrians and Palestinians only. This is the main barrier for workers to cross from the center of the West Bank. Workers with a work permit to enter Israel. Can pass through it for trade, medicine and visiting prisoners.
The checkpoint was built on the Green Line north of Qalqilya in the separation barrier that surrounds the city.
The checkpoint began operating in 2004 by the military. Opening hours on weekdays from 04:00 to 19:00. We started holding shifts there in 2007. We arrived at the checkpoint before it opened at 4 in the morning. We reported on the difficult conditions and the long and cramped queues of workers, who have to continue their journey by commuting to work throughout Israel.
At the end of June 2009, the checkpoint was operated by a civil security company,
The transit time has been gradually shortened, today it is faster, but the Palestinians still have to arrive very early to make it to the transportation. Today about 15,000 people pass through.