'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Tue 8.4.08, Afternoon

Yael S., Zehava G. (reporter) Translator: Orna B.
14:00 Jubara
At the Figs Gate we have an encounter with two religious guys,
wearing coats bearing a Defense Ministry badge . They ask us who we
are and what we are doing there and we reply. We ask them and they
introduce themselves as employees of a 'Transports Unit' whose role is
to check goods transported into Israel, to see if there is no need to
transfer it through Ephraim Gate. Mainly they target 'multi-purpose'
goods, that may seem innocent, such as pipes for example, which may be
also used for the ' launching of missiles', according to them. We took
our leave amicably, and the gate to Jubara was opened by a soldier. 
14:10- 14:16 Ar-ras 
Various car are waiting towards south. No special delays, but a
cab is overtaking the queue.The checkpoint commander hears from the
driver that his wife who is in the cab, is ill. He refuses to
believe him, and having taken his permit he demands that the driver
does a u-turn,  and waits till the car in front of him passes. Another
cab overtakes and receives the same treatment. That cab has a passenger
from Jubara, who wants to get off. The commander orders him to remain
in the cab until its turn comes.  The inspection includes papers and
the opening of car boots. 
More than that, we felt disturbed by the state of the road in the
section which reaches the junction from south. The pot holes between
the road shoulders and road itself have deepened to such an extent that
low cars barely pass between the pot holes on the right and concrete
blocks of the recently unmanned road block, on the left.
On the way back, through the Children's Gate, as expected there is a detained illegal.
14:40 Anabta
Loads of small 'Blue/White' flags. We missed by five minutes the
women who according to the soldiers come there once a week. Luck or a
The soldiers are sucking lollypops. We ask the commander if there
are any restrictions. He answers that "there is no reason for it".
Traffic flows without inspection on both sides.
15:00 We leave.
17:00 Qalqiliya
We counted 15 cars awaiting at the entrance to the town., among
them some Israeli cars. Traffic flows but the queue is not small.