Azzun, Beit Iba, Mon 24.3.08, Afternoon

Bilha A.,Yonah A., Ziona S. Natanya translating.

 The building is no help against the suffocating feeling of the heat and dust from the quarry. Reserve soldiers are manning the checkpoint and the DCO representative said that he has no work because of the humane handling. We believe him but ask if all is so good how come all is so bad.

15.30 Beit Iba. The humanitarian lane is open but the turnstiles are closed. Behind them stand about 60 young men who are shouting and after about 5 minutes soldiers arrive to open them. The DCO representative comes to us to say that these are reserve soldiers and he has little to do as they are more sensitive then the regular soldiers. Their behavior is decent but the depressive atmosphere still prevails. Those going through are used to the routine: the  magnometer is still squeaking; the usual strip and search; the coming out with shoelaces undone and belt in hand.   Thus, each day and sometimes twice.  

16.00 The military police do not allow the owner of a certain car to go through. The commander says that he can as he is from the quarry.  One of those going past asks Yona why the checkpoint opens so late at 05.30. One of the reserve soldiers asks us who we are and when we say that we are against the occupation and the interior checkpoints he says in surprise "But all the terrorist attacks go out from here." He is interested in speaking to us but the commander makes a motion with his hand for him to desist. 

17.00 The crossroads at  are open.  We pass Kedumim and near the pink house we can already see signs of building and also the sign of Shvut Amit at the side of the road which states "Continuing to build in the land of Israel." They forgot to add: “In the house which was stolen on the land which was stolen from the neighbors”. Azzun:  A mound of dirt and a wall of stone blocks. An army car is next to the wall.