Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Wed 9.4.08, Afternoon

Zoya, Daniela G. (reporting), 2 French Journalists (guests).

  14:30: Wadi Nar

The line of vehicles southbound almost reached the top of the hill. About 15 vehicles northbound.

4 yellow transits waiting on the side for their passengers' IDs to be checked. After a while, less cars were stopped to be inspected and the system of waiving most of them thru was adopted.

The lines shortened considerably. On the other hand, the passengers, whose IDs had been taken in for checking, were held up a long time. Almost an hour, and they obviously complained about the time spent on traveling from one part of the South bank to the other. Finally a lethargic soldier came out with a handful of IDs and he sure took his time going to and fro from one transit to another, giving the IDs back one by one and getting mixed up in the process.