Beit Iba, Thu 3.4.08, Morning

Observers: Shoshanah Z., Nina S. (reporting) Trans. Judith G.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

8:50 -10:00 - Beit Iba

A taxi driver asked our help.  On the previous evening he passed by the house of the settlers next to Kedumim and there were about 20 settler standing there throwing stones, one of which smashed the front windshield of his car (which isn't actually his, he is only the hired driver).  What can we do?  He went immediately to the police in Kedumim who told him to come back today, after 10:00.  He also complained at the Border Guard who were closeby and they told him that there was nothing to do, that even their jeep had been attacked by the settlers and the tires damaged.  We brought his personal details to Yesh Din, so they could accompany him to the police (I hope).  We also photographed and asked for the addresses of other drivers who had suffered the same attack and we passed them along to Naomi in the hope of interesting the media.

The checkpoint operated efficiently, a lot of people going in and a few coming out, no real lines, as usual on Thursday mornings.