'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 7.4.08, Afternoon

Ricky, Ruthy, T. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.
13:40 - 16:00
13:40 Shaked-Tura CP
We intended to observe the children coming back from school on the West Bank to their homes in the seamline zone. But, according to the soldiers, who banished us courteously to the other side of the gate without any people near it -- we missed the crowd by about half an hour. On the road that descends from the gate, we saw only three tiny children going downhill, with no adult to supervise them. The soldiers sat down to have a meal.

14:00 Reihan-Barta'a CP

We drove down to the lower parking lot. At the entrance gate to the terminal, there is not a single soul. In the inspection shed, there are no cars. A few vehicles are waiting for the workers who are to return from their work. Rumor has it that the man who was killed last night in Umm-el-Fahm was connected to the person who manages the fleet of taxis in the region. That is why many taxis are on strike today and the price for a ride has gone up from ten shekels to 15.
Equipped with some halvah that we bought from Walid, we climbed up to the sleeveinfo-icon of the upper entrance to the terminal.
At 14:20 the workers begin to arrive. Four workers go through the terminal in the direction of the West Bank in two minutes.
14:25 - Ten workers loaded down with sacks of oranges arrive, they say, from  Kerem-Maharal. In the morning they went through at the Taibeh CP. They leave the terminal in one minute.

14:55 A'anin CP
About 25 adults, four children, and five tractor drivers on their vehicles -- are waiting for the gatesinfo-icon to open. Afterwards, some more people will arrive. The gate is opened exactly at three o'clock. We observe those going through from an olive grove and through a barbed wire fence, as close as possible to the place where they encounter the soldiers and the cameras.
The passage is conducted quickly (40 seconds on the average for each worker) and pleasantly, by two soldiers who smile, and are aware of our presence close by. A man who approaches the soldiers walking quickly is asked to stop and show his undershirt. After that he goes through quickly. A strong wind that comes up every once in a while scatters papers at the inspection post.
The soldiers approach the gate, claim that half the workers who went through in the morning have not returned, even though they know that they will lose their permits because of this.
The gates are locked at four o'clock.