Beit Furik, Huwwara, Tue 19.2.08, Morning

Yael P., Rachel A. (Reporting)
Translation: Rachel B.
A very cold and rainy morning.  At the Tapu'ach Junction checkpoint, there are almost no cars waiting.
Beit Furik: 8:30 AM
There are about 6 cars waiting to go in.  The number of people going in is very small. It is cold and wet.  
The soldiers approach the cars entering the checkpoint and do not expect the drivers to approach them.  
A body scan (raising the sweater or jacket up) and thorough check of the cars: trunk, 
engine and driver's cabin.
The soldiers are polite and smiling despite the bitter cold.  They speak to us in a very friendly manner.
Huwwara: 9:00 AM
The harsh weather takes it toll here as well. Very few people are coming or going and the "market" 
is not operating.  There are two processing stations and one "humanitarian" station.  
The scanner is not here and, therefore, all those being checked are asked to empty out the contents 
of their bags and every item is checked.
Two soldiers are standing at the detainee station and checking the ID cards of those entering - 
only young men, though.  We tried to find out who is covered by the segregation order but they did not want
to tell us.  The soldiers seem to be ignoring us and reply coldly and unwillingly that there is a security 
warning in effect.
 We leave early because of the cold and the very small number of Palestinians at the checkpoint.