Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 13.3.08, Afternoon

Shosh Z. Noga K. Sarah K.

Natanya translating.

14.10 Zeita is blocked and the gate closed.
At the crossroads of Za'tara
 26 cars on the two sides and a truck is in the parking lot and all the boxes on it are cast around it. The police are also there and half an hour later we saw the truck going through to Nablus.

At Huwwara
There are many pedestrians at the exit from Nablus and the shed is full to overflowing. Those waiting say they have been there from an hour and a half to two but we find it less than an hour. Women are checked usually quickly. The DCO sometimes helps with the checking and opens another lane so that the women pass within 5-10 minutes.

3 turnstiles are working and every now again they get stuck and 15 minutes later are fixed again. All cars are checked. Some time after we arrive we are told to move back to the white line. One of us immediately photographs and we are told that this is also forbidden.

15.15  Two young men start to fight in the line and are pulled out by the soldiers. One of them is been hurt and blood pours from his head.  An ambulance is stopped to help him  and then they are both detained but now the soldiers are present to stop any further fighting.

15.30 Those in the line lose patience and begin to shout. The soldiers immediately stop the checking and demand that they be silent and after a few minutes the checking continues. All the time there is pressure also of women, children and many students.  At 16.00 the line is still long and stretches out of the shed. It is not clear when the two detaineesinfo-icon will be freed. Every now and again a line of cars forms but pass within a few minutes.

16.30 Beit Furik.
A long line of pedestrians leaving Nablus. More than 30 which is all we can see from the holy white line.  Also a long line of cars,more than 8. An elderly man came through with a computer and said that the soldiers had told him to take it apart but let him go when he said he didn't know how. 3-4 cars enter Nablus. The soldiers see us photographing and say that if we do not stop they will close the checkpoint.  Obviously they take care we stand beyond the white line.

17.00 Only a few pedestrians at the exit of Nablus and 7 cars in either direction. We leave.