Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 2.4.08, Afternoon

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Ayelet and Yehudit
Translation: Devorah K.
1315 Tyasir
From west (the West Bank) to east (Jordan Valley) four cars are waiting at a distance. In the CP a car is being inspected with all its doors and the motor cover open. The car was inspected for fifteen minutes. Near us stand the passengers who went through on foot through the shed; they are waiting for the car that is being inspected.
Pupils and teachers are returning home. All of them go through and they too have to wait for the taxi that is to drive them.

One car is waiting to go through in the opposite direction - to Tyasir. It has already been waiting for a quarter of an hour. Additional cars arrive and go through quickly with no inspection at all. An ambulance that serves as a mobile clinic goes through quickly after a short conversation with us. A truck loaded with sacks comes to the CP. The driver is ordered to move all the sacks from one side to the other, under the eagle eyes of the soldiers who are doing the inspection. He looks too tired to drag all the sacks but they do not give in on any sack. The man worked for thirty minutes until at last he was freed to go on his way.
The CP commander, M., arrived and when we asked about the phenomenon, he claimed that often weapons are transported in sacks, or between the sacks. That is why they have to carry out the above operation. We told him that the Palestinians know the area and the hills and all the paths very well, because they and their fathers and their grandfathers and their great grandfathers were born there. They have no need to transport arms through the CP if they  are inclined to want to get weapons through. But M. is certain of the need to inspect the sacks in this way and as we went on talking he made it clear to us that the entire area until trans-Jordan is actually the heritage of his fathers and our fathers, etc. 
1415 Hamra
Traffic is flowing in both directions with no interference.
1445  We left