'Anin, Reihan, Thu 27.3.08, Morning

Leah R., Raya Z. (reporting)
Translation: Yael Bassis-Student
05:45 - 09:00
05:45- `Anin Checkpoint
We have arrived early. The gate was opened after one quarter of an hour but only  ten minutes later the first 'redeemed person in captivity' passes through. The slow passage is annoying and revolting.
An Arab-Israeli  couple from Um-el-Phachem arrives hoping that the wife could cross over to the Palestinian village to visit her sick mother. An hour later they loose hope and patience and return home.
G. who was set to meet us at the gate, did not make it early enough for the opening of the gate (she is a mother of five children).
Those who come early arrive as early as four-four thirty to get in line at the gate.
At seven thirty we were in despair and told her, over the phone, that we were leaving.
07:35 - Reihan Checkpoint
As usual. There are cab driver in both car park areas, the upper and the lower one.
 V. the coffee vendor is meticulous about keeping his vending area clean to ensure that no one would complain of dirt and send him away, as happened in the past.
08:50 - `Anin Checkpoint
On the way back we checked if all people had gone through, we found the gate open. G. on the phone says that she is still waiting . Five minutes later she finally goes through and following her meeting with us she goes back.
The soldiers on site say that this is their first day at this checkpoint and that they would try to speed up the process in the following days.