Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 27.3.08, Morning

Yael Y., Shira V. (reporting)

Once again we met the DCO representative E. He is very nice and polite, and maybe it is worth while to contact him in case of troubles.

06:40 Zeitim passage

There is a vivid flowing traffic. Many school children go through. Waiting time is less than five minutes.

07:10 Wadi Naar

Randomal checkup of vehicles with pasengers (mostly vans). The vehicles are detained and released after a short time (fifteen minutes at the most) after IDs were checked. Sometimes only the documents of the driver, sometimes more.

In one of the detained buses some of the passengers - young men - were requested to dismount the bus, stand outside and present their IDs, while the other passengers were waiting inside. This took a few minutes, and afterwards the bus was sent on its way.