Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 17.3.08, Morning

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Haya A. and Ada G. (reporting)

Checkpoint 300, Road number 60, Nabi Unis, Ezyon DCL

6:40- Checkpoint 300

Five posts were open. There weren't many people but from our conversations with the people that were there we understood that the pressure on the Palestinian side was heavy. People were embittered; they had been standing crowded and waiting for about two hours. The security workers from the privet company tried "educating" them, and anyone who's manner of behavior wasn't to their liking was sent to the back of the line, that is what a woman for the ecumenists. They tried opening one more post but for some reason they didn't succeed. We must insist that they open more posts and bring computers to the "fake" posts.   

8:00 Nashnash

Several people were waiting for us. 

8:30 Beit Omar

Here as well people came to see us.  

9:00 Nabi Unis

People called with various requests, the same old femilliur and painful problems. The inability to help is frustrating.  

10:00 Ezyon DCL

The waiting hall was empty- we didn't understand what no one was there to file a request for permits. There were few people waiting for the GSS, all and all it was quiet, empty and depressing.  

We headed off- the orchards were blooming-  Magnificent.