Bethlehem, Fri 14.3.08, Morning

Efrat B., Leah A.(both reporting)



Bethlehem checkpoint

9:00- About side were right Palestinian transits waiting. Inside there was just one lane that was manned and at the entrance a guard was patrolling. A line of about 10 Palestinians that needed to pass to Jerusalem. There was also a group of 8 tourists that were on their way to Bethlehem. The line wasn't moving- apparently the computer fell. One of the commanders came to see what was the problem. After ten minutes that computer started working all over again. In the mean while that line grew longer, the passage was slow even when they opened another lane. Most of the time there were about 15 people in the lines all the time. The guard patrolled inside the checkpoint accompanied by two other security men. We weren't sure whether they worked for a security agency or a different organization. They seemed to be checking something in the building.  

After 20 minutes the computer fell again, this time it happened in the post by the entrance. Two elder women, a mother with her daughter, needed to pass, the mother had a passport ( probably a foreign passport) while her daughter didn't have a permit. The soldier called for the officer so that he would talk to them. The obviously wouldn't let the daughter pass without a permit, they headed back to Bethlehem.  

9:47- We left.   

Beit Omar

10:05- We had to meet someone at Beit Omer so that he could sign a power of attorney- he requested that the prohibition on his passage be lifted.  

Nabi Unis

10:40- We had to meet another man who had to sign a power of attorney.  

The incidents were different, but it's horrible the way in which the GSS and the security forces are able to destroy people's lives. Their power reaches everywhere.