Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 18.2.08, Morning

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Haya A. and AdaG. (reporting), translation Jonathan M.


07:20 CP 300

Israeli vehicles are waiting for the workers who trickle out slowly. Some of them have been waiting for two hours, some have been waiting for an hour. We entered the terminal. Six or seven checking booths are open, all with lines stretching as far as the eye could see. The people in one of the lines try to push forward. The private security guard shouts at the that no one will get through as long as they don’t get into to orderly lines. The people can’t move backwards. They try taking a few steps but can’t. The guard continues to shout and tries to educate the packed people. When we commented that he should stop trying to educate the people he told us we should leave since we were disturbing him. When we refused he called a policeman to help him. The policeman spoke to us in length and tried to convince us to leave for everyone’s sake. He told us that last week when things got chaotic a man was injured (we know this from Hanna’s report) but we did not give up. 

We continued on to the tunnel passage.  

08:15 Beit Omar

A few people ask for help with police matters. 


There is a military jeep beneath a watch tower. 

09:00-10:00 Nebi-Yunes

Many approach us with police matters. 

10:10 Beit Anun

There is a single traffic light positioned on route 60, near the entrance to Beit Anun. The light is facing south and is not working. And so a single lonely traffic light stands on route 60, facing south with closed eyes. What help can it offer to the residents of Beit-Anun who must cross the busy road. 

10:30 Etzion DCO

There are five people waiting for the GSS. They were summoned for the morning and they are waiting. We sent two people to the policeman this morning after finding out that he was issuing permits. The people have been waiting there for an hour and a half, and according to them the policeman has told them that the computer is not working. After an hour the people told us over the phone that they were still waiting for the permits. The policeman told over the phone that he was busy with this and that…but these are his reception hours and there are only two people. After we pleaded with him he agreed to see them!!! Interesting. 

11:00 we left Etzion DCO.

In the concourse by route 60 there are eight people gathered