Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 20.2.08, Morning

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Ora A., Rachel M.(reporting), Drora P. Yoska M. (driving)

6:45 am  Bethlehem CP
The temperature is close to zero and the wind is fierce.  Four checking stations open.  There are few people in line and we are told there are few people entering.
7:15 Al Nashash
No one asks for help
8:00 Nebi Yunis
No one asks for help
8:45 DCO Etzion
The waiting room is empty.  Two men enter on police matters.  We are asked to help a man from Bethlehem who has a permit for eight days from Hadassah Ein Kerem to visit his brother who will have surgery.  The DCO took away his permit for eight days and gave him a permit for one day only.  We contact D, the health representative, to find out why his permit was reduced.  When it becomes clear that his brother has an Israeli ID because he is married to an Israeli, she says that she cannot help him.  This situation is not in her jurisdiction.