Bethlehem, Thu 14.2.08, Morning

Rachel F. and Nora B.


5:30 – 7:30
Rachel Crossing – Israeli side:  5:30 – The checkpoint opened apparently at 5:15. Upon our arrival, there are 5 booths open. Towards 6:00 many people are crowded, but the crossing is relatively quick.
Today for the first time we saw people returning from work in Israel at these hours. Of course, there is no special line for them and they have to manage to get into, opposite of the direction of the waiting people at the lines.
One of the guards of the private company, a young guy, is very rough, and talks aggressively to people. He shouts to them: "Fly from here", "You  are not going to stand here" (to people waiting or praying under the roof since the weather is rainy), "You are not going to smoke here" (and after 2 minutes he himself lights a cigarette inside  the building!!!!).
At 6:30 there are no more people trying to cross – because of the rainy weather many workers have not gone to work – and then, the 6th booth opened!!!!!
Nebi Yunes:  7:15 - we delivered documents.